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We are a creative production agency that combines expertise with film in digital landscape to revolutionize your brand.

We are filmmakers, writers ,designers, artists, scientists, researchers, and observers. In a nutshell, we are Experience Designers working together as Charcoal Films.

Charcoal films is an award-winning digital media production house collaborating with brands to create exceptional commercial, branded, and social content.

With over 17 years of experience and hundreds of completed projects, Charcoal films focuses on the real reason businesses come to agencies in the first place to get smart creative thinking and advertising craft that helps them achieve their business goals.

We host a roster of hand-picked directors, who are passionate about the craft and have no boundaries to where their ideas will take them.

Our diverse group of producers work in harmony to turn ideas into deliverables.

With clients such as Tata-sky, Vivo, Amazon, Big Bazaar, Cipla; we focus on creating high-end Ad content that accelerate brand growth. 

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